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Jun, 2021

To our valued existing and future users,

Please be reminded that you should only transact with an authorized Team Leader or Kinney representative. We have received numerous reports about fraudulent activities circulating thru the use of social media like Facebook and Messenger. Individuals using the Company's name unlawfully and pretending to be connected with the Kinney Infotech for their personal interests. You are advised to remain vigilant at all times to avoid being a victim of these perpetrators. Rest assured, Kinney Infotech remains committed to our users and is continually improving on carrying out its transactions to protect our users.

Jun, 2021

Technical Update and Maintenance 1.2

This is the updates for the maintenance, REGISTRATION section and ADMIN WORK panel is now working but unfortunately WORKING PANEL is still unavailable.
And also, all new users and existing users who availed plans yesterday will be allocate today as well.
We're doing some maintenance in order to provide you with an even better experience.
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and well be back to serve you as soon as possible!

Thank You

Jun, 2021

Good day to all user’s and future user’s of KinneyInfotech -Philippines

Good day to all user’s and future user’s of KinneyInfotech -Philippines
Please be advised that all verification starting June 1,2021 onwards will take 4 to 6 days due to the sorting of all active and inactive users (Please read memo about the deactivation of account by June 30,2021) This is in preparation for the activation of our Corporate online banking from, UCPB, Union Bank, Allbank, and Metrobank.
Please bear with us as well as the management in Malaysia and India are currently on lockdown making it difficult for us as they are on Work from Home set up since the Lock down started.
The management ensures all payout will be disbursed after the management has already sort out all users.
Hoping for your consideration on this matter as we are making all the necessary improvements for all our future and existing users.
Thank you

Feb, 2021

Notification from kinney IT team.

This is to notify that we are making an update in our software so due the upgradation we are requesting our valuable End-users to avoid login from 6.30 AM to 6.30 Pm on 11.02.2021.

Dec, 2020

KCS OFT Disbursed

KCS pay-out has been initiated directly from Head Quarter. It is the only pay-out ever and the ratio of 100% plus grifting in economy sector of Kinney for the USER benefit. FT & FTT takes place as per country financial constitution arrangement. OFT – FTT the amount will be disbursed within 72 Hours as per current Overseas Fund Transfer record.

Dec, 2020


KDH enrollment procedure is available now, get connected with our ATL (Authorized Team Leaders).A perfect house for everyone. Lets say NO to any kind of Natural Disaster. LETS GROW TOGETHER.

Nov, 2020

Kinney Super Saver -KSS

After KCS successfully completed, Kinney is introducing KSS (Kinney Super Saver) & Corporate Deals. For more information user may contact to our authorized Team Leader & CRM.

About Logo
About Kinney

Kinney International is one stop online solution provider and it has different paid sections.

Welcome to Kinney

Kinney International is virtual outsourcing partner of Simebucks Virtual Tech Solution Sdn Bhd based on Malaysia (1361483-T).

Kinneyvpo, the one stop online solution provider with different paid sections. We are an expanded formula for all online paid technology as well as knowledge-based services. We serve all our user and employee in financial stability along with the basis of self-professional paid online employment system.

Kinneyvpo is a blooming KPO / BPO and digitizing company. We serve National as well as International customers. Our KPO and BPO departments offer customized services covering a wide range of industry verticals. With a team of skilled professionals and state-of-art infrastructure, our working strategy is always client and their market focused. For a successful business, traveling at extra edge is vital and we are steadfast to provide products and services that matter, which redefine the client business. Our team possess good communication and interpersonal skills, which helps during client discussion and knowledge transfer.

Kinney International is an expand formula for all online paid technology and knowledge based services. Our foot steps are seriousness for global environmental imbalance ratio and special for saving nature.

Our aim is to bring No paper Society implementing e-writing and reading -texting and processing all legal terms online based only.

'No paper Society' , It means we save thousands of Trees and we know the value of a single Tree for our Earth.The combination of Technology & Business Ideas of this generation is so high as a result we must need to be prepare for Next Level Business Solutions.

Kinney Virtual Tech Process provides all of your need for your business and technical support with software solutions which is Completely Paperless and Online Software based.

Why Kinney International?

Kinney International is a genuine Asian online platform that provides a wide array of customized project plans you can choose from. We are committed to ensuring reliable pay-out services to make sure that our users get well-paid. Our 24/7 technology support team is here to provide assistance anytime.

Kinney International is a blooming digitizing company serving national as well as international clients. It is a one stop online solution provider, an expanded formula for all online paid technology as well as knowledge-based services. We are financially stable and serve both our users and employees through our own professional paid online employment payroll system.

Kinney International is a virtual partner of Simebucks Virtual Tech Solution Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia (1361483-T).

Kinneyvpo provides both Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge-based Process Outsourcing (KPO) services simultaneously covering a wide range of industry verticals. With our team of highly skilled professionals and our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are steadfast to provide products and services that matter. We create value by redefining the clients’ business and focusing on their target market.

At Kinney, we also care for the environment that is why we are campaigning, “NO PAPER, SAVE EARTH” by implementing completely online based processing with our transactions.

Kinney International was finally introduced in the Philippines on September 12,2020 known as KINNEY INFOTECH CORPORATION. It was the onset of the global-wide COVID-19 pandemic, though times are really tough it paved a way for us to give Filipinos an opportunity to earn income without risking their lives going out for work. Though as we emerge many competitors also entered the market. Above all, we honour trust from our clients that is why we made sure that legitimacy will never be a question in the minds of our existing and future users. We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration No. 2020120004019-61.

We measure our success by the success of our users—when our users are successful, we are successful. Generating countless opportunities and spreading prosperity across the globe is our aim at Kinney.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As a newbie in this line of business, we never got scared because the truth is that no matter the level of competition in an industry, if you have done your due diligence and you have the required expertise and qualifications, you will always make headway in the industry.

” The ideas that originate in-house or across the ocean, are put to reality at kinneyvpo.”

We pride ourselves in delivering benefits in efficiency, cost saving, and value for our client business. We are flexible, practical, and willing to work with clients for long lasting relationships. We put innovation and hard work in all our projects.

Our Mission

We honour that trust with a commitment to quality, value, professionalism, and extraordinary experiences for customers and employees alike.

“We measure our success by the success of our customers – when our customers are successful, we are successful, generating opportunity and prosperity across the globe.”

We believe in “NO PAPER, SAVE EARTH” campaign by providing e-documents and processing all legal terms completely online. We always look after all your business needs and provide technical support with software-based solutions, entirely paperless and online based.

What we Promise??

Our promise is that, we provide our clients with end to end relevant and authentic information that can form the core of their business processes. We provide them with research and in-depth analysed services that are manifold in nature. We have created customized, high-quality, research-based strategies to achieve success in the market. Our customer service team demonstrates professionalism and quality services to our clients and offer unmatched services at all times. Our services are as varied as our clients that include both the private and public undertakings for all business verticals. We are committed to outclass in software quality and reliability, providing futuristic technology to all our clients.

Our Progress

How to start a project assignment and registration?

kinneyvpo always recommends users to have a look at its “FAQ”, “About Us” and available in home page, before starting Sign up process.

Each step will direct you on how to get activated in kinneyvpo

STEP 1 -To start work, you must submit your personal details including bank account number to update / retrieve your performance in the system. (Please note User ID will be auto generated and it will be given to you through verification email).

STEP 2 – User should complete the registration form by giving valid information.

STEP 3 – On successful completion of Step 2, kinneyvpo will send activation email to the email id registered. User name and password will be delivered in this email. Remember to keep your mail Id & password secure.

STEP 4 -Since you registered successfully on kinneyvpo, login with your details to continue to the last step.

STEP 5 – Click PROCEED, verify and confirm your registered details again to make sure there is no error.

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Projects Review


- You can now choose your desirable project contract, project will change depend upon the country choose as per your comfortable otherwise contact customer care for better guidelines. you are now one step ahead to acquire handful of projects.

– After finalizing the project pay the correct amount according to the plan and price, you can pay the amount through net banking.

- Now that you are a verified user of kinneyvpo. you can start getting projects to be a successful person in your life.

How kinney Helpful to the Users.

The Users were very happy and moving there days with full filling there financial needs even this Pandemic Situation by the projects and some of our users review given in the video.

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Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

we are using secured , fast and powerful technology to empower our system.

Easily Editable

The Allocated projects can be easily editable, you can get projects from the admin allocated by Kinney.

Cloud Storage

Advanced Cloud storage system for storing files, and unlimited files were stored in the storages

Easy Notifications

All the notifactions sent to the registerd id via andriod/ios app from the admin to the user


The time duration is given along with the project and there is no time extention.The user have to finish the project with in the time.

Professional Support

Our Trainned Professionals will guide you and give you proper trainning for the project.

Our features

Our Approach of Project is Simple and Clear

Kinney Creating the oppertunity to earn money and to get benifit to the people around the world.All the projects in the basis of agreement terms and conditions agreed by the users of General, Commercial and Business Purpose.

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Easy Notifications

User Receive all the notification along with user dashboard,Time can be calculated when the project is allocated. The User have to finish the with in the allocated time

Fully Responsive

24/7, Technical support is available so that the user can chat with the professionals regarding queries

Editable Layout

Project can be done with the user friendly Layout.Easily can understand, Our Trainned Professional will guide the user incase of doubts and quires

Download The App

Download our Kinney App and receive our Kinney updates through our app.

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Frequently Asked Questions


-We do payouts by 15 days salary calculation and 25 days salary calculation.


-15 days means company will pay USER’S salary in every 15 days basis.


-User need to add his bank account for salary purpose with IFSC CODE-FULL NAME AS IN BANK AND ACCOUNT NUMBER -BANK NAME


-After successfully registered USER will be notified by SMS and MAIL confirmation.


-After registration has completed successfully use your REFERNCE ID Number.

-By Using the reference Number you can get Motivational amount of 2% of the project


- You have following ways to buy a project

- PAY by online banking

- Pay by cash deposit

- Pay by DD




-If you refer someone and HE/SHE is buying a project by using your reference ID you will be profited with DRP point,DRP stands for Direct Reference Point.


-In each salary cycle you will be added your DRP value in your INVOICE and you will notify by a mail and message as well.


-you will be selected in SILVER ZONE – GOLD ZONE OR DIMOND ZONE and this zone’s are for all special and selected employee’s those who achieves a lot from company; EXAMPLE: selected candidates may have a fix salary of 100,000 INR MONTHLY SALARY or 300,000 INR MONTHLY FIX SALARY. With company accommodation and transportation Company medical and insurance and children education support.


-you must have at least 100 USERS to start a CORPORATE zone and must a registered company name which will be proceed as legal agreement for a stable year duration and also need a security deposit until agreement comes close. Minimum 100 USER’S registration form and 3 YEARS agreement contract period should be declared.


Our Branches Address


Sydney, Balmain

No:45, Evans Street,

New South Wales, 2041,





UCO Bank, 2nd Floor,

High School Square, Red Cross Road,

Bhanjanagar, Odisha - 761 126.



Dubai,DWTC District Free Zone

Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai,

Dubai World Trade Center District,

C1 Building, 2nd floor,

United Arab Emirates.